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                               (Geared towards actors but everyone will benefit)



What does neuro-science have to do with motivation and the ability to create desirable change in your life? 


How does a simple belief system affect your behavior, emotions, motivation, self sabotage, resistance and success in life?                        


                                   Learn The Secrets to achieving the MINDSET that all                                                                                                                            

                                       SUCCESSFUL ACTORS/People HAVE!       



"I've known Joe for many years and the principles he teaches on the successful mindset are the very principles I apply to my own career."





That night at The Improv, I was in the back room waiting to go on. I was so nervous and scared. Joey looked at me and asked "What's the matter?" I told him I was nervous!  Then Joey looked at me ,real calmly,  and said "Nervous is the anticipation of Failure, what you feel is excitement ...which is the anticipation of Success!!!"  Love my Joe!! It's only because he was there that night that I destroyed that room and I was NEVER EVER nervous again. Thank you Joey!!!!!!


LUCA PALANCA - Comic, Actor, Producer





                     Nutshell: If the Conscious mind and the Subconscious Mind are at odds, the Subconscious will always win!


          In order to create the career you desire, the Conscious mind and the Subconscious Mind needs to be in alignment. 


                                 The Conscious Mind is the goal setter, The Subconscious Mind is the goal getter!!!!! 

                    So much unconscious energy is spent on goals that we are not even aware of. When these unconscious goals are brought to our 

               awareness, we can let the go and and align our CONSCIOUS GOALS with the greatest resource that God has given us...

                                                                       THE SUB CONSCIOUS MIND!


                     Joe will help you identify and remove limiting beliefs and emotional baggage that keeps us in a perpetual loop of

                                                              defense mechanisms and countless distractions. 



What you will you learn :


  • A comprehensive understanding on how your mind works in regards to goals, success and achieving an outcome

  • How your Subconscious may actually be moving you away from your goals and what to do about it. 

  • Tools that will help you to identify and remove emotional baggage and limiting beliefs that are holding you back

  • Simple steps that you can take every day to build confidence, motivation and belief in your outcome                       (Let's face it, if you don't believe it will happen, do you really expect it to?)

  • Learn to get out of your own way

  • Does the Law of Attraction exist and why doesn't  the answer to that question matter 

  • You will learn the difference between fantasy and creative visualization

  • How to communicate with the greatest resource you have, the Subconscious Mind!


The same techniques that you will learn in creating success, can also be applied to creating powerfully deep performances.


After struggling for years as an actor, Joe applied these very techniques (which took him 25 years to develop)  and in the next  18 months he  landed two television series (over 75 episodes) , 5 weeks on a film and top of show guest star (7 days). He was so blown away by this experience that he decided to teach others how to do the same thing. Come learn in one day what it took Joe over 25 years to develop! 



" I never understood why my friends, who were working actors, had such confidence..... even before they started working. 


 I wondered why they were so action -oriented and never procrastinated.  Their behavior seemed to be the polar opposite of mine. I would make myself feel better by saying things like; " Well, they're obsessed, I don't want to be consumed with it." ,"I don't want to be pushy or desperate" ,"I don't want to be too cocky" ,"They don't have a life". 


Once I started applying these principles, I UNDERSTOOD THEIR BEHAVIOR!  It was a revelation to me. I started behaving just like them. I was shocked at how my behavior changed. What became obvious was that they were not hoping or wondering if things would happen. THEY DECIDED THAT IT ALREADY DID HAPPEN! AND .... I found myself doing the same. 

 I was now behaving, talking and acting like them; confident, assertive, action-oriented......and then..... I started working"  

 -   Joe Tabbanella


   February 8th 2014 ,  11:00 AM - 5:30 PM

   CnC Studios 300 West 43rd. Street Ste. 609 New York N.Y 10036                                                                                   


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"It doesn't matter if the Law of Atrraction exists or not.
What matters is that your Conscious and Subconscious Intentions are in Alignment.
The results are nothing short of magical."
 -Joe Tabbanella

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