As a hypnotherapist the Kasina by Mind Place is an invaluable tool in helping clients achieve deeper states of trance through the process of entrainment. Lights and sounds oscillate at specific frequencies designed to help sync brains waves to the desired frequency. Specific tasks require specific brain wave activity and the state of hypnosis (which is nothing more than a highly suggestible state) is roughly 8htz. This is the doorway between sleep and wake. The Kasina helps to maintain these frequencies or state and helps avoid dropping too low (sleep) or climbing too high (wide awake). 


 I use it mostly to enter into deep states of hypnosis although I find the motivation setting helpful at times as well and my wife enjoys the sleep setiing/program. When a client or friend finds it difficult to enter into the ideal state for affirmations or visualization, the Kasina helps them achieve that state in just one session. 


Joe Tabbanella 

Hypnosis Instructor 

NLP Trainer 


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